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Expectations on our dogs

Our human world is so confusing to us , let alone to our dogs!

They will very often find themselves in places and situations that we have put them in, that they would never choose to be in.

Such as, to name a few:

  • in a busy pet store

  • at a dog festival

  • being approach and touched by a stranger

  • being approach by another dog and not having the freedom to create distance

  • near busy traffic

  • having a child pull on their tail

We not only put our dogs in these situations, we then expect them to behave in a way we find acceptable by:

  • Not reacting to potential dangers

  • Being calm in unfamiliar situations

  • Not pulling on the lead

  • Not growling

  • Not ‘stealing ’ food

  • Not killing prey

  • Being ok when they are on their own

If they do react in any of these ways they are then considered a naughty or an aggressive dog!

In fact they were in a situation where they have been set up to fail, by us! We not only put them there but we also communicated with them in a way that is causing them to feel responsible for us, which is a very stressful job to do in a world they don't understand.

Dog are not robots and they have their their own way of communicating.

We need to start seeing things through our dogs eyes and learn how they think and communicate with them so they are no longer in positions where they can fail and we can help to gain their trust and confidence in us do make all the big important decisions, so they don’t have to.

They can then feel relaxed knowing that you have got this!

So next time you are feeling frustrated, embarrassed or angry with your dog, think about your expectations of them, the situation you have put them in and then take a step back, reflect and start to learn their language.


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