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'A dog convinced against its will, is of the same opinion still.'

When we tap into the correct way of thinking,  there’s a world of opportunity to help us teach our dogs get it right without using fear, force, dominance or any  gadgets invented by humans.


This method is about learning the language of the dog, so that we can demonstrate that we have got what it takes to have the responsibility and they don't need to stress or worry about us in a world they don't understand. Using this method consistently with my own dog and many others I have seen remarkable results.

​I truly believe that this simple method of working with a dog makes absolute sense and enables us to truly live in harmony with our beloved pets.

​In the past, I have taken the traditional obedience training with my own dogs. On reflection, I now realise, that approach seems to plaster over the root causes of why our dogs display certain behaviours. Dog Listening is a holistic approach which deals with the cause not the effect. This method will work with any non-medical behaviour issue, and I’m excited to teach this approach with my clients and their furry friends.

I have trained and qualified with Jan Fennell and her proven methods of understanding the inner workings of dogs’ minds and how to live in harmony with our beloved pets. Her methods ensure that dogs live a stress free life and, by making a few changes consistently, they willingly follow you because they have confidence in you.

Jan Fennell's work is based on over 30 years research. After working with Monty Roberts: 'The horse whisperer', she studied wolf packs in Yellow Stone Park and developed her approach which is now known worldwide. For me, this method makes perfect sense, and in my experience to date: it works!

Rescue dogs, puppies, any breed - I would love to help you understand your dog and learn to communicate in a way your dog fully understands.

Working with me on a
one to one basis.

Package Options

There are two options with the package below:

  1. The whole package as described below for £745 saving you £80! (payment plans offered on this package)

  2. Tailor your own package and pay as you go.


The foundation of Dog Listening – 1:1 visit or video call – 4 hrs/2x2hrs £375

I teach you about the four pillars of Canine Communication. We will solve some problems immediately and also explain how to solve the more serious ones which may take time, which is why I offer follow ups to support you in this process. You get a detailed Action Plan and tool kit to help you keep on track.

90min follow up - £100 each (4 included in full package)

These visit/calls will be made following the 1:1 foundation consult. We will use a progress tracker and dog diary to monitor your progress and to set targets for the next follow up. You will receive detailed notes on next steps after each follow up. As questions are raised, I will help you solve every problem and make sure you are making no mistakes. I can show you all the tips and tricks to guarantee success.

Learning to Listen Online Course (worth £227)

This course guides you through the 4 pillars of Dog Listening and how to implement them at home. This is a great accompaniment to the rest of the package or as a standalone element.


I am on call for the next 12 months for support via email.

New Puppy Package 

The whole package as described below is £727 or you can buy separately and pay as you go.

(With the full package you receive a life time of back up from me)


Before Puppy Arrives: £97

You will receive the modules via email to help you to learn the basics of Dog Listening which include:

1.  Understanding Canine Communication

2. Shopping list and how to prepare your house for the puppy coming home.

3.  The Food Module

4. The Status Module

5. The Danger Module

6. The Walk Module

7. Puppies are not babies

8. Settling your puppy in the first week at home with you.

9. Good daily habits

10. Common puppy problems


You also receive visit or video call to check your house a week before your puppy arrives– approx. 30 mins 


Puppy Arrives: £675


Visit or video call foundation consultation 3 / 4 hours approx. -£375

I will teach the whole family the method and create a detail action plan. You will be given a quiz, progress tracker checklist and dog diary for you to follow. We will go over Puppy’s first week - settling in puppy and sorting out sleeping and toileting quickly


  • 90 min follow up call/visit £100 - Puppy 11/12- Week-old puppy – catch up on all the niggling problems and giving solutions. 


  • 90 min follow up call/visit £100- Puppy weeks 12 -16 Training at home –walking to heel, recall, barking, walking on a lead at home, sitting, wait and leave


  • 90 min follow up call/visit £100 - Sometime after 4 months - The whole process of baby steps to make sure the first walk is successful – everything you need to do to have a calm happy dog on a smiley lead for the rest of your life with 100% recall when you let it off lead.

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