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Obsessive Dog Behaviours

Does your dog show any obsessive behaviours?

Such as:

  • chasing light

  • obsessive Licking themselves, floor, walls

  • chasing their tail

  • pulling out their own fur

  • chewing paws

  • ball

These behaviours can occur for a few reasons.

  • they have learnt they get attention (you talking to them, eye contact) for doing it

  • they are stress/anxious and trying to self sooth

  • adrenaline - over use of a fast moving object get ready to chase and then it becoming an obsession.

Some of these behaviours can be really upsetting to watch as in some cases a dog will cause it’s self harm and it can become worse over time depending on the communication they get from you.

Without knowing humans encourage and make these behaviours worse. For example purposely shining a light for the dog to chase, finding it funny and making a game from it. Constantly throwing a ball for their dog so the dog becomes obsessed, giving the dog attention (any form of attention) when they display the behaviour.

At the core of the dogs thinking they are asking very important questions about it’s job within the pack or showing that they can’t cope with the job they given themselves. These behaviours aren’t ‘normal’ canine behaviours however have become common place for domesticated dogs. I have never seen or read about a wolf or free living canine display them! They are a result of a dog trying to navigate living in our confusing human world, believing they have the responsibility for the family and miscommunication from us.

Changing your dogs mindset around these behaviours takes time and consistently communicating with them in a way they understand in all areas of their life to relieve them of the obsessive stress filled behaviour.

If you want to know more about learning this amazing approach, we I am offering a free 30 min call to discuss any issues you are having. Book yours HERE

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