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Separation Anxiety

Why nothing you have tried, so far, has worked!

You feel like your have tried everything to overcome separation anxiety but nothing seems to work.

Join me LIVE to find out why and learn how to have a calm relaxed dog while you are away

Wednesday 3rd May 6pm

What You'll Learn:

Your mindset around separation anxiety will be shifted, you will feel lighter and more confident going forward and you will breathe a big sigh of relief to hear an approach that is simple, finally makes sense and it works!

Hey, I'm Kate Atkins of 
Kate's K9 Solutions

I am extremely passionate about helping people transform their lives with their dogs. Students have had outstanding results with my online courses and I really enjoy teaching people in this way.  I teach, guide, mentor and support you in order to achieve a happy, stress free life with your dog.

Using my 10 years experience in education, coupled with experience as a Dog Listener, I have developed a program that will not only give you the knowledge and understanding but also a learning experience which will ensure you make sustained long- term progress, and see the results that you are looking for.

I pride myself on being organised, approachable and having an enthusiastic and positive approach to life. I am fully committed to guiding and enabling people to have the happiest life possible with their dog!

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Be The Next Success Story

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