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Separation Anxiety: The Holistic Solution

Overcome separation anxiety and learn how to have a calm, happy stress free dog, in all areas of their life.

You have tried everything to help your dog with separation anxiety and to be less stressed when you leave, but nothing seems to work!

  • you feel trapped in your home because you can't leave your dog

  • you are spending a fortune on day care

  • you continually worry about barking and disturbing the neighbours

  • you worry about the mess you might come back to

  • you are worried about how this stress is impacting your dog and you

  • you are confused about all the conflicting advice out there

  • you are wondering if things will ever get better

It all just feels too overwhelming!

What if I told you there was a holistic solution, and you could not only solve the separation anxiety, but also address all other undesirable behaviours as well!

Curious Dog

No more time wasted

No more money wasted 

No more overwhelm 

No more stress

No more searching 


Separation Anxiety
The Holistic Solution

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For the stressed out dog owner who wants their dog to feel relaxed, happy and stress free when you leave.

The Four Steps


In this course we will dive into the root cause of your dog's separation anxiety and you will learn:

  • the steps you need to take to change your dog's mindset about being alone 

  • how to communicate with your dog in a way that they understand to create calm

  • about the bigger picture and that, how you are with your dog in all areas, will improve separation anxiety

  • how to change your behaviours to help your dog 

  • how to keep on track when old habits start to creep back in

  • how to tackle every other undesirable behaviour with your dog  too such as excessive barking, pulling on the lead, fussing eating etc

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Learn how to resolve:

Fussy eating

Food stealing

Food aggression

Excessive barking around food

Food rewards


Learn how to resolve :

Separation anxiety

Jumping up

Aggression with visitors

Questions around height and eye contact

Calmer reunites

General manners


Learn how to resolve:

Excessive danger barking and attention barking

Reactions to loud noises

Reactions to other dogs, people, cars, bikes etc



Learn how to resolve:

Fussy eating

Food stealing

Food aggression

Excessive barking around food

Food rewards


Learn how to resolve:

Pulling on the lead

Poor recall

Reactivity to other dogs and people

Refusal to go on a walk

Door manners

Fear of getting into the car

In this course we will dive into the root cause of your dog's separation anxiety and you will learn:

  • the steps you need to take to change your dog's mindset about being alone 

  • how to communicate with your dog in a way that they understand to create calm

  • about the bigger picture and that, how you are with your dog in all areas, will improve separation anxiety

  • how to change your behaviours to help your dog 

  • how to keep on track when old habits start to creep back in

  • how to tackle every other undesirable behaviour with your dog  too, such as excessive barking, pulling on the lead, fussing eating to name a few

Dougie - long grass.JPG

This simple method of being with your dog makes absolute sense and enables you to truly live in harmony with you beloved pet.

But don't just take my word for it...

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Meet the teacher

Hey I'm Kate

I am extremely passionate about helping people transform their lives with their dogs. I have had outstanding results with my 1:1 clients using this amazing holistic approach. To be able to reach more people with an online course is just so exciting! I will teach, guide, mentor and support you in order to achieve a happy, stress free life with your dog.

Using my 10 years experience in education, coupled with experience as a Dog Listener, I have developed a program that will not only give you the knowledge and understanding but also a learning experience which will ensure you make sustained long- term progress, and see the results that you are looking for.

I pride myself on being organised, approachable and having an enthusiastic and positive approach to life. I am fully committed to guiding and enabling people to have the happiest life possible with their dog!

Kate and Teddy 2.JPG

Meet the Lead Coach

This is Ali

This is Ali with her dog, Ludo.


Ali has been a qualified and certified Dog Listener /Dog Behaviour Coach for over 10 years and runs Calm Kind Happy, a business dedicated to helping humans and dogs be joyful!


Ali also teaches Reiki & Animal Reiki, a Japanese form of self development and healing meditation which promotes a deep connection to the natural world and of course to our dogs.

Ali is inside our course community offering additional support, guidance, motivation and encouragement to all the students, alongside Kate.


She is delighted to be supporting Kate in her mission to bring this beautiful, yet lesser known method of dog behaviour, Dog Listening, to a wider audience.

Why are we making mistakes?

  • we humanise our dogs

  • there is a break down in communication between you and the dog - the dog thinks its doing the right thing

  • we put our own emotions onto the dog 

  • we allow old habits to creep back in 

  • we don't feel confident with how to deal with our dog's behaviours or make it worse when thinking we are doing the right thing.

  • there is so much conflicting information out there we get confused and keep trying new things that confuses the dog and us. 

  • we just learn to live with and put up with some behaviours and then just focus on the ones that have pushed us over the edge

  • we see dog's behaviours in isolation rather than as part of the bigger picture - all aspects of a dog's life will have an impact on every behaviour

In this course you will learn how to correct all of these mistakes by learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that they understand.

So what will I learn about in each module?

4 - Copy.png

Module 1 - Why

  • Decode the Mystery: What is Separation Anxiety, and How Does Your Dog Express It?

  • Behind the Whines: Uncover the Hidden Reasons Why Your Dog Experiences Separation Anxiety

  • Mirror Images: Discover How Our Behaviour Subtly Shapes Our Dogs' Reactions and Respons

  • Speak Dog: Master the Art of Understanding Your Dog's Unique Needs and Desires

By the end of this module, you'll transform into a canine-emotion decoder, deeply understanding your dog's separation anxiety, the factors contributing to it, and your vital role in easing it. You'll be equipped to empathetically meet your dog's needs, setting the stage for a harmonious, anxiety-free relationship.

5 - Copy.png

Module 2 - Leadership

  • Mastering the Canine Lens: Understand How Your family Structure Impacts Your Dog's Perspective

  • Unleash the Personality Code: Discover the Fascinating Traits That Shape Canine Behavior

  • Letting Go of Expectations: Why Dogs Can't Shoulder Human Responsibilities

  • Bridge the Gap: Aligning Human Expectations with Canine Nature

  • Leadership Unleashed: Uncover the 4 C's Your Dog Seeks in You for Guidance and Direction

Upon completing this module, you'll be equipped with a deep understanding of your dog's perspective and innate traits. You'll shed unrealistic expectations, forging a harmonious bond built on mutual understanding and respect. Your confident leadership, guided by the 4 C's, will unlock your dog's unwavering trust, establishing you as their unwavering source of guidance and support.

6 - Copy.png

Module 3 - Status

  • Decoding Canine Queries: Uncover the Questions Your Dog is Secretly Asking You

  • The Power of Reunion: Master the Art of Reconnecting with Your Dog and Unleash its Profound Importance

  • From Attention Seeker to Respectful Companion: Tackle Space-Invading and Attention-Seeking Behavior

  • Gesture leaving: Learn the Steps You Need to Take to Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

By the conclusion of this module, you'll establish a profound connection with your dog, answering their unspoken questions and solidifying the importance of reunions. You'll transform attention-seeking behavior into respectful companionship, creating healthy boundaries and fostering a harmonious living space. With the graceful gestures of leaving your dog alone, you'll empower your dog to overcome separation anxiety, instilling a sense of independence and confidence in their ability to thrive even when apart

7 - Copy.png

Module 4 - Danger

  • Decode Perceived Dangers: Unveil How Dogs Respond to and Navigate Potential Threats

  • The 3 F's Unleashed: Understand Fear, Fight, and Freeze Responses and Empower Your Dog's Emotional Well-being

  • Visitor Reactivity Resolved: Transform Your Dog's Response to Visitors into Calm and Confident Interactions

  • Danger Barking: Master the Power of Thank, Look, Reflect to Create Calm

  • Conquering the Decibels: Effective Strategies to Help Your Dog Cope with and Overcome Loud Noises

By completing this module, you'll become an expert at understanding your dog's response to perceived dangers, unlocking the keys to their emotional well-being. Armed with the knowledge of the 3 F's, you'll empower your dog to navigate fear, fight, and freeze responses with confidence. You'll witness a remarkable transformation as visitor reactivity gives way to calm and harmonious interactions. By harnessing the power of Thank, Look, Reflect, you'll strengthen the bond with your dog. Finally, you'll equip your furry friend with the tools to conquer their fears of loud noises, fostering a sense of security and serenity.

8 - Copy.png

Module 5 - Food

  • Unleash the Power of Food: Discover How It Connects to Establishing Status and Leadership

  • Master the Pecking Order: Understand the Hierarchy of Food and Its Role in Canine Dynamics

  • Gesture Eating Unveiled: Learn the Art of Feeding your Dog and Its Impact on Their Behavior

  • From Fussy Eaters to Content Diners: Tackle Food Guarding and Food Stealing Head-On

  • Food Rewards that Work: Unlock the Secrets to Effective and Motivating Reinforcement Through Food

Upon completing this module, you'll harness the power of food to establish status and leadership, revolutionizing your dog's understanding of their place in the pack. You'll navigate the intricate pecking order of food, ensuring a harmonious dining experience that fosters respect and balance. By embracing gesture eating, you'll cultivate mindfulness and transform mealtime into a tranquil ritual. Say goodbye to fussy eaters, food guarding, and food stealing as you address these challenges head-on, creating a peaceful dining environment. Finally, you'll become a master of food rewards, utilizing them effectively to motivate and reinforce desired behaviors, paving the way for a well-behaved and contented canine companion

9 - Copy.png

Module 6 - Hunt

  • The Walk Unleashed: Experience It Through Your Dog's Eyes and Understand Their Perspective

  • Heeling Mastery Unleashed: Unlock the Steps to Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly by Your Side

  • Recall: The Ultimate Lifesaver: Discover the Vital Importance of a Reliable Recall Command

  • Mastering 100% Recall: Unleash the Techniques to Achieve Unwavering Response and Come Every Time

  • The Power of Play Unleashed: Harness the Transformative Energy of Play for a Happy and Balanced Dog

  • Reactivity No More: Conquer Walking Challenges by Effectively Managing and Resolving Reactivity Issues

Upon completing this module, you'll experience the walk from your dog's perspective, forging a deeper connection and understanding. You'll master the art of heeling, teaching your dog to walk flawlessly by your side, making every outing a pleasure. Recognizing the crucial importance of recall, you'll establish a rock-solid command that ensures your dog's safety and responsiveness. With the techniques to achieve 100% recall, you'll enjoy the freedom and peace of mind of having your dog come to you without fail. Embracing the power of play, you'll create a joyful and balanced walking experience for your furry companion. Finally, you'll effectively manage and overcome reactivity issues, transforming walks into relaxed and enjoyable adventures for both you and your dog


Module 7 - Continued Progress

  • Unleash Your Inner Discipline: Master Strategies to Stay on Track and Prevent Old Habits from Sneaking Back In

  • Tracking Success, Unleashing Progress: Harness the Power of Progress Trackers and the Dog Diary to Keep You Focused and Motivated

  • Action Plan Activation: A Clear Roadmap for Success and Implement Effective Strategies to Overcome Separation Anxiety

By completing this module, you'll become a master of maintaining progress, ensuring that old habits don't resurface. You'll harness the power of progress trackers and the dog diary, allowing you to track your achievements and maintain focus throughout your journey. With a clear action plan in hand, you'll pave the way for success and overcome separation anxiety with confidence. This module equips you with the tools and mindset to stay on track, remain motivated, and achieve lasting results for a happier and anxiety-free life for both you and your beloved dog

What's included in the course?

7 Core Modules (worth £947)

Packed full of 27 video lessons that will teach, guide and motivate you on your journey to help you and your dog over come separation anxiety and all other undesirable behaviours.

Guides, Workbooks and Resources with each lesson (worth £127)

Aid your learning with fantastic resources to support with your knowledge and understanding


Test your knowledge before moving on to the next module.

Dog Diary and Progress Trackers (worth £127)

Tools to keep you on track and help you celebrate those wins

Private Facebook Community Group (worth £500/yr)

Find support and get your all your questions answered from Kate and Lead Coach Ali. Learn alongisde other students going through the same course as you

Weekly Live coaching calls with Kate (worth £1000/yr)

Get answers to any questions you have, encouragement and celebration of your successes 

Life time access

work at your own pace, revisit the lessons at any time to refresh your memory

Accelerators (yearly worth £700/yr)

An optional  6-week group coaching program that motivates, supports and guides you through the course, holding you to account and ensuring you are making progress. At no extra cost!

The Bonus Material 
Worth Over £1000!!


A video lesson and resources - an introduction into understanding your emotional needs and in how to get these needs met appropriately in your relationship with your dog. Debbie Atkins HGI Psychotherapist.

Debbie Atkins | Human Givens Institute








A video lesson - how meditation and Reiki can support you and your dog alongside the Dog Listening approach. You will receive and introduction to Reiki, case study on how it can support Dog Listening and a guided meditation.

Ali Carrington Reiki Master and Dog Listener 

Calm Kind Happy with Ali










A video interview - How nutrition can impact your dogs behaviour, health and wellbeing.

Holly Ruddin The Leading Dog Company  












A guide on how to avoid separation anxiety with a new puppy -

Sarah Greeff Dog Listener and Breeder of Sproodles

Happy Stress Free Dogs 











A video interview - Prescribed anxiety medications and do they really work. 

Saskia Auf Dem Brinke 

Vet and Dog Listener













A video interview - How to have a good grooming experience for you dog at home and at a professional groomers.

Bianca Ramsey

Professional Groomer and Dog Listener






A Video interview - The pros and cons of neutering your dog

Saskia Auf Dem Brinke

Vet and Dog Listener

Copy of Digital-Product-Graphic-Mockup (10).png

A total of over £9,000 in value instantly yours for just...

One Time Payment 



Payment Plan

x6 129

x6 £97

Did I mention it's risk free!

Transform your life with your dog with a
100% 7 day money back guarantee  

Separation Anxiety The Holistic Solution comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. We promise that this approach will guide you to see your dog in a completely new light and you will see some results immediately! If you are not satisfied with the course once you have completed it we wouldn't feel right keeping your money, so we keep it easy to cancel. There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out nothing to prove. We wont even ask for all your new found skills back!

Message from Kate - 'I am fully committed to supporting you on your journey to help you help your dog to learn to be calm and relaxed. I am on a mission to show owners how changing their behaviour can have a huge positive impact on their dog. I will build your confidence, knowledge and skills to implement this simple yet effective approach. With the live Q&A you always have me on hand for support and encouragement along the way and a community of people also learning alongside you. I believe so much in my course, that I guarantee it!'

Is this course for me?

This is for you if....

  • You love your dog 

  • you want your dog to be happy and stress free

  • you want to understand the reasons behind your dogs separation anxiety

  • you want a simple approach that the whole family can follow

  • you are willing to be calm and consistent with your dog everyday 

  • want to use an approach that makes sense

  • you will follow the whole approach and not just the bits you like (it wont work!)

  • you are open and committed to making this work

  • you understand some days are going to be better than others (dogs are allowed off days too!)

  • understand this is not a quick fix ( no approach is, we are going to change yours and your dog's mind set)

  • celebrate the small steps of progress.

This is not for you if...

  • you are looking for a quick fix

  • you are looking to use force, dominance or control 

  • you are not going to follow the whole approach 

  • you are not going to be consistent and patient 

  • you get angry with your dog

  • you are not willing to change your mindset

The Return on your Investment

Investing in this course isn't just about spending money; it's about making a decision that will result in immense savings and immeasurable peace of mind for both you and your furry friend.

We equip you with the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to become confident in how to communicate with your dog to not only overcome separation anxiety but all other undesirable behaviours too. With your life time of access and support there will be no more trainer's bills; your one-time investment in our course will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run.

Now consider the countless hours you've lost, scouring the internet and bookshelves for solutions, often conflicting, frequently ineffective. With our course, you'll receive tried-and-tested methods, distilled into easy-to-understand lessons that will save you from the maze of uncertain solutions. Time, as they say, is money—so reclaim it, and use it to build a stronger bond with your dog instead.


sleeping dog.jpg

But let's be honest: the real return on your investment isn't measured in pounds saved or hours reclaimed—it's in the wag of your dog's tail, the spark in their eyes, and the peace in their demeanour. This isn't just a course; it's a pathway to a happier, anxiety-free life for you and your dog. The joy of having a calm, confident, and content pet is truly priceless. This isn't just an investment in a course; it's an investment in your dog's happiness—and in a peaceful, anxiety-free home.


Take action now, make the smart choice, and step into a future where separation anxiety is a distant memory, not a daily struggle. This course is more than a purchase—it's a game-changer for you and your beloved pet. Don't just take our word for it, though - watch the videos below of students who have had the transformation you are looking for. Step into a new chapter of peace and happiness by enrolling in our course today.

Students Experiences of
Separation Anxiety The Holistic Solution

Name: Shuen

Dogs Name: Sherlock

Big Wins: Sherlock sleeps through the night, is relaxed when he is left alone, eating all his food and heeling beautifully.

Biggest take away: Working in a holistic way - Learning how we are in every area of our dogs life impacts every behaviour. 

Name: Emma

Dogs Name: Maya

Big Wins: Maya now sleeps a lot more and is much calmer

Biggest take away: Learning to talk dog!The realisation that what we were doing was having a big impact on her.

Name: Lorraine

Dogs Name: Louie

Big Wins: Louie is now much calmer and have therefore been able to do things that i couldn't before.

Biggest take away: I now understand how he thinks and I have stopped putting my human emotions and thinking onto him.

Name: Shirley 

Dogs Name: Shadow

Big Wins: Shadow now sleeps a lot more and is calm and relaxed.

Biggest take away: I feel more confident in how to communicate with shadow and my now mantra - less is more


How do I know it will work? 

The simply answer is that if you follow the method it will work :)  You will make mistakes along the way However, with the wrap around support you get on this course, you can easily go back and re-watch a lesson with your life time of back up, look at your workbook and progress tracker or simply come into the safe Facebook community and ask a question in our live Q&A to get back on track 

What if it is a waste of money?

I am so confident in this approach that I have given everyone a 7 day money back guarantee, so if this is not for you, you can simply ask for a refund. When you follow the whole approach consistently you will start to see the benefits straight away.

What if I do the course and still need help?

Learning is a journey and sometimes we need extra support I know I did when I learnt this method. That's why I created the Facebook group community for all students to support each other and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions in the weekly live coaching call.

How do I know that my dogs will respond to this method?

By learning this method you are communicating with your dog using a language that all canines understand, therefore they will respond if you follow it in an calm consistent, convincing way. I will be teaching you how and why we do this in the course.

I don't have a lot of time to complete a detailed course and implement it?

You get a life time of access to this course so you can go at your own pace and revisit modules and videos at any time. This course will also show you that it is less about 'doing' with your dog and more about a way of 'being' with them everyday. Its simple, easy and effective.

What if don't have what it takes to implement the method?

You don't need any special skills to use this method with your dog. You just need to be calm, confident, consistent and convincing (the 4C's). Throughout the course you will learn how to approach everything using the 4 C's, and the step by step guides will instantly build your confidence by giving you the tools and knowledge of how to deal with any situation. 

When we listen we learn, when we learn we understand when we understand we create magic!
Jan Fennell

Don't let another year go by,
make a change today!

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