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Separation Anxiety Solutions Summit:
FREE 4-Day Masterclass to Find
Your Path to Calm

Feeling Overwhelmed by Endless Separation Anxiety Solutions That Just Don't Deliver?

You're not alone. Many loving dog guardians have walked in your shoes, tirelessly trying methods that simply fall short. But, imagine a world where your furry friend finds peace every time you're apart.

Embark on a Transformational 4-Day Journey with Us.

Dive deep into understanding the root of separation anxiety and unlock holistic strategies for a tranquil, relaxed pup even when you're away. Let's bridge the gap between distress and calm, and help you find that harmonious balance you've been yearning for.

Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th April

During this transformational 4-day journey, you'll uncover:

Experience a transformative shift in your understanding of separation anxiety. Embrace a newfound confidence, feel an invigorating sense of relief, and discover a straightforward approach that not only resonates but truly delivers results!

Your Four-Day Blueprint:
Journey from Distress to Harmony

Day 1 - Dive into the Dog's Mind:

Unravel the mysteries of separation anxiety. By the end of this enlightening session, you'll possess the clarity to discern whether your beloved companion is grappling with this challenge. 

Day 2 - Navigating the Pitfalls:

Ever wonder why some methods just don't click? We'll spotlight the three most common mistakes that often hamper our journey towards overcoming separation anxiety. And that's not all — we'll also begin to paint a holistic image of separation anxiety, laying the foundation for the transformative days ahead.

Day 3 - Embracing a Holistic Solution :
Dive deep into the realm of remedies and discover a compassionate, comprehensive approach to calming the storm of separation anxiety. But there's more — you'll also learn about the poignant questions your dog silently asks, helping you attune to their unspoken needs and concerns more than ever before. Embark on this profound journey with us and forge a renewed, harmonious bond with your loyal companion.

Day 4 - Unveiling a Game-Changing Approach:
The culmination of our transformative journey! I'll introduce you to my exclusive four-step method—a potent blend of insights and strategies designed meticulously to conquer separation anxiety. But we won't stop there. Together, we'll chart out the path ahead, ensuring you're well-equipped and empowered to guide your furry friend towards a serene, anxiety-free future. Join us for this climactic day and redefine your bond with your dog.

****Dive Deeper at 6pm Daily: Join Our Live Q&A in the Facebook Group!****
Seize the opportunity to clarify, engage, and immerse yourself further in our dynamic discussions. Bring your burning questions, share your observations, and be part of this vibrant community exchange. Don't miss out on these daily deep dives!

Hey, I'm Kate Atkins of 
Kate's K9 Solutions

I am extremely passionate about helping people transform their lives with their dogs. Students have had outstanding results with my online courses and I really enjoy teaching people in this way.  I teach, guide, mentor and support you in order to achieve a happy, stress free life with your dog.

Using my 10 years experience in education, coupled with experience as a fully qualified Dog Listener, I have developed a program that will not only give you the knowledge and understanding but also a learning experience which will ensure you make sustained long- term progress, and see the results that you are looking for.

I pride myself on being organised, approachable and having an enthusiastic and positive approach to life. I am fully committed to guiding and enabling people to have the happiest life possible with their dog!

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