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Having a Calm Dog

Dogs by nature are very calm relaxed animals however our human world is full of hundreds of threats that can cause a dog to feel stressed and anxious, especially if they feel that have to also look after everyone as well.

All undesirable behaviours stem from a dog being in these stressful situations feeling they need to make very important decisions for everyone.

The foundation to teaching your dog anything is to get a sense of calm first, starting in a place they feel most safe - their home (den). As you most likely know yourself you cannot learn if you are in a state of stress or anxiety. It’s exactly the same for a dog.

Once your dog is calm, relaxed and looking to you to make decisions at home then you can start to build upon this by guiding and teaching them, one step at a time, that in every situation you are the one to look to for the important decisions. At each step inciting calm and getting your dog to figure things out for themselves, using their own intelligence. They learn that you will look after them and that:

  • Calm = attention

  • Calm = dinner

  • Calm = play

  • Calm = being with the pack

  • Calm = going for a walk (hunt)

Implementing this you will start to see your dogs sleep a lot more (18/20 hrs a day) reacting less to potential dangers, stop attention seeking behaviours, stop following you around, calmer on walks and the list goes on!

How wonderful would that be? A calm stress free dog :)

Could your dog do with a sense of calm? Lets chat - book in a FREE 30 min coaching call HERE

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