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Don’t Ban the Breed: Learn How to Lead

I’m sure many of you have seen the recent news about the ban on the American XL Bully breed after a series of attacks and some tragically fatal.

I’ve received numerous inquiries about my thoughts on the matter, so here’s my take:

Once again, the dog breed is being blamed, which is an easy ‘out’ instead of addressing the actual issue at hand: Us - the humans!

In the tragic events that have occurred, humans are the ones truly at fault, yet the breed becomes a convenient scapegoat.

Several factors contribute to the problem:

  • The imposing appearance of this breed attracts individuals who want the dog as a status symbol. They even cut the ears of the dog to make them look a certain way.

  • The guardians often miscommunicate with their dog, sending confusing signals to them.

  • The guardians frequently put their dogs in situations that set them up for failure and they don't control the situations.

The reality is, any breed can exhibit aggressive behavior or bite if provoked. Larger dogs simply have the potential to do more harm, hence the perception of increased aggressiveness.

Will banning any breed prevent future attacks and enhance public safety? The answer is a resounding “No!”

It may even have the opposite effect and make this breed more desirable to certain people.

What needs to change is the level of education regarding canine communication across ALL BREEDS to prevent all incidents occurring.

Let’s stop blaming the dogs; they aren’t the issue here.

As a dog owner, you have a responsibility not just to your dog but also to the public and other animals too.

Every dog guardian has an animal in their home that could do a lot of damage so let’s stop pretending they are fur babies, trophies, status symbols by humanising them and start to communicate with them and learn to understand them for what they are - A Dog!

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