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A Dogs Needs

Most people (myself included) decide to get a dog to fulfil some of our human needs in order to:

  • give them a purpose

  • give companionship

  • bring the family closer together

  • have enjoyable walks with them

  • give a child a sense of responsibility

  • give and receive love and attention

  • look after another being

  • feel happier

Getting a dog can absolutely fulfil these needs and bring a lot of happiness to your life and can be wonderful joyful addition to the family!

However, a dog also has needs that we have a responsibility to meet as their guardian. So, in order to create a relationship with your dog that is based on mutual respect, kindness and love, looking at your dog's needs as well as your own is so important.

A dog's needs are: (other than the need for food, water shelter),

  • to feel safe and secure

  • to know what their responsibilities

  • trust

  • companionship

  • sense of belonging

Knowing how to communicate, in the right way, with your dog will make sure these needs are met in a way that helps them feel relaxed, confident calm and content.

Sometimes we will miscommunicate with our dogs for two reasons

1. We are humanising the dog's behaviour

2. Their behavior meets one of our needs

For example

Engaging with your dog when they have invaded your space and jump all over you and you give them lots of attention. You read this behaviour as the dog wanting cuddles and it meets your need for love and attention, so you allow it to happen. However, the message that this is giving your dog is that they get attention on their terms, and therefore they must be very important and have a responsibility to make the big decisions. This is very stressful for the dog in our human world which they don't really understand. So then leads to what we see as 'undesirable behaviours', which is actually your dog trying to do the best job in a role you have given them.

Does this meet your dog's needs?


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