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Are you a new puppy guardian and you want to get it right from the start?

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Get all the answers you need to bring up a calm, happy, stress free puppy using my holistic approach and learn about all areas of your new puppies life and behaviour.

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Learn how to:

Prepare your home for your new puppy

​Toilet train

Create a good routine ​

Help them sleep through the night

Play with your puppy

How to feed your new puppy

To stop biting 

Start to slowly prepare for walks

Help your puppy feel safe and stress free


Communicate with your puppy in all areas of their life 

So what do you get?

There are two options with the package below:

  1. The whole package as described below for £745 saving you £80! (payment plans offered on this package)

  2. Tailor your own package and pay as you go.


The foundation of Puppy Dog Listening – 1:1 visit or video call – 4 hrs/2x2hrs £375

I teach you about the four pillars of Canine Communication. We will solve some problems immediately and also explain how to solve the more serious ones which may take time, which is why I offer follow ups to support you in this process. You get a detailed Action Plan and tool kit to help you keep you and your puppy on track.

90min follow up - £100 each (4 included in full package)

These visit/calls will be made following the 1:1 foundation consult. We will use a progress tracker and dog diary to monitor your progress and to set targets for the next follow up. You will receive detailed notes on the next steps after each follow up. As questions are raised, I will help you solve every problem and make sure you are making no mistakes. I can show you all the tips and tricks to guarantee success.

Learning to Listen Modules £50

These modules will be sent to you weekly via email, through these modules you will learn about the 4 pillars of Dog Listening and how to implement them at home. This is a great accompaniment to the rest of the course or as a standalone element

1.  Understanding Canine Communication

2.  The Food Module

3. The Status Module

4. The Danger Module

5. The Walk Module


I am on call for 12 months should anything else change or you need assistance again.

When we listen we learn, when we learn we understand when we understand we create magic!
Jan Fennell

"Wow sign me up!"

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